Metallic Epoxy Flooring


We have extensive knowledge and years of training installing this product and it has too be installed properly to truly have the desired look. This product just came on the market in 2014 and we have seen a lot of contractors in the area try to install this product with no experience and the results were terrible. We started professional training on this product directly from the makers and manufacturers in 2012, on the west coast were it was developed before it hit the market in 2014.

​Metallic flooring is a one hundred percent solids, two element epoxy. From basement floor treatments to Kitchen area flooring covering.

​​No 2 floors will certainly ever before look the exact same. Select from any type of one of our 50 Metallic colors.

​​Leave the regular flooring behind with Metallic epoxy finishing s and also see simply just how fundamental ornamental seamless flooring can truly be. Have a look at several of the elements that make Metallic epoxy flooring, unquestionably, the system for you.

​​Price: Metallic is in fact much less pricey than many appealing marble or granite tiles and stained flooring systems. Metallic floor covering products are very stunning and have a very upscale custom look to them.

​Fantastic addition to Unique Custom-made Floor covering, the effects achieved with Metallic could possibly not be replicated with various other covering strategies. Metallic epoxy mirrors light and also supplies the finished flooring a lot more dimension and the vibrant colors are quite pleasurable than a concrete tarnish. Metallic epoxy floor coverings supply the "Wow!" factor that you consistently envisioned.

​Metallic is definitely the future generation of decorative resinous flooring! After years of research study and installment in the field of resinous floor covering's, we are proud to supply Metallic epoxy metal floor coverings. Metallic is a modern metal substance that develops a mind-blowing, multi-dimensional result hidden just before in resinous epoxy floor covering.

​Metallic flooring is the most durable flooring on the market for your house or industrial applications where you wish to make your flooring's a centerpiece. The most normal applications are stores, lobby areas, hair salons, living locations, resorts, dining establishments, as well as offices. Metallic Epoxy is available in over 50 assorted colors, so designers and developers can choose from both dynamic and also refined metal effects for practically any type of indoor work.

​It can be utilized on high-traffic indoor concrete flooring's due to the fact that it supplies outstanding effect as well as wear resistance. For far better scratch and also scrape resistance, we suggest an overcoat of urethane. This system will supply years of wear under enormous foot traffic, while preserving a wonderful surface.

​Metallic flooring is a one hundred percent solids, two component epoxy. From basement flooring coverings to Kitchen area floor covering.

​After years of study and setup in the field of resinous flooring's, we are pleased to provide Metallic epoxy flooring treatments. Metallic is an advanced metallic material that establishes a spectacular, multi- dimensional result hidden just before in resinous epoxy flooring.

​Metallic flooring treatments is ideal for home or commercial applications where you desire to make your floors a centerpiece.