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We service all of Eliot ME with epoxy floor coatings, garage floor coatings, stamped concrete, patios, walkways, pool decks, driveways, decorative concrete, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring, tile flooring, for the residential and commercial markets.

​Advanced Flooring Of New England, LLC is a complete service for flooring installations and specializes in designing concrete, while supplying a cost-effective solution and workmanship for all of New England. We've got extensive knowledge as well as expertise in the flooring sector and concrete coating and installation for the residential and industrial marketplaces.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

​Metallic flooring is a one hundred percent solids, two element epoxy. From basement floor treatments to Kitchen area flooring covering. ​​No two floors will certainly ever before look the exact same. Select from any type of one of our 50 Metallic colors. ​​Leave the regular flooring behind with Metallic epoxy finishing s and also see simply just how fundamental ornamental seamless flooring can truly be. Have a look at several of the elements that make Metallic epoxy flooring, unquestionably, the system for you. ​

Price: Metallic is in fact much less pricey than many appealing marble or granite tiles and stained flooring systems. Metallic floor covering products are very stunning and have a very upscale custom look to them.

​Fantastic addition to Unique Custom-made Floor covering, the effects achieved with Metallic could possibly not be replicated with various other covering strategies.

Metallic epoxy mirrors light and also supplies the finished flooring a lot more dimension and the vibrant colors are quite pleasurable than a concrete tarnish. Metallic epoxy floor coverings supply the "Wow!" factor that you consistently envisioned.

Bamboo Flooring​

​An excellent option for wood floor covering is bamboo. It is a relatively brand-new type of flooring that has become very popular. It is a stunning looking wood that is equally as high in high quality as other hardwood floor. It is extremely economical to buy a bamboo flooring. It is additionally very Eco-friendly.

​It is as long lasting as a regular wood floor. When you think of bamboo, you could not understand the procedure that this wood experiences to make it long lasting. Via state-of-the-art technology, the stalks are cut into strips and also starched, milled, and also maintained. It is then put through the laminating process. The final product is a durable item. It is level, smooth, and also maintains years of use. If cared for correctly, a bamboo floor can last as long as any normal wood floor.

​​Installment is as simple as setting up a common wood floor. This floor can be found in laminated ceramic tiles, strips, planks, and floating selections. It can be installed straight into a concrete flooring. It can be glued, pin down or floated. It is likewise simple to reduce. You could make use of general hand tools as well as saws to cut the bamboo to dimension. It is light in weight as well as conveniently owned.

​There are numerous different colors to select from. The natural color of bamboo is very light; nevertheless, there are many other shades that are prominent. The bamboo is either carbonized, or dyed to provide a whole spectrum of shades.

Decorative Stamped Concrete

​Stamped concrete is a very popular method to accent your property, as well as with excellent reason. This specialized technique, called stamped concrete allows plain, dull aged concrete to look brand-new as well as much more fascinating with a lot less upkeep involved. Any sort of excellent concrete professional can simulate the look of rock, ceramic tile or brick using the best designs to mark the concrete. Normally, this procedure is done on outdoor patios now we could do this marking procedure on pathways, driveways, swimming pool decks anywhere there is concrete.

​Decorative concrete is preferred not simply since it is pleasing to the eye, yet since it is relatively cost-effective as well as easy to set up a beautiful appearance. The project is completed by pouring correctly blended cement with color as well as a texture that is thin as well as smooth. It is after that smoothed and also prior to it starting to completely dry, styles and designs are pushed right into the surface of the cement. The design or method is after that duplicated over the entire surface area of the cement to ensure that there is an uniform impression. Colored dye may also be included in the cement that will generate a standard uniformity as well as develop an even color blood circulation throughout the whole concrete location.

​​One of the most popular uses of decorative cement is for mimicking the look of an additional product such as brick, cobblestone, or natural flagstone. The outcome is a stronger material that contributes charm and also appeal to the home. In that respect there is a wide variety of concrete stamping molds on the marketplace that permits homeowner to pick their own distinct as well as appealing style. It allows house owners the opportunity to be innovative along with choosing a layout that best reflects their very own innovative aesthetic sense.

Garage Flooring

​The large image behind every flooring renovation project is definitely to get a long lasting and appealing surface. There is an assortment of alternatives that exist in regards to garage flooring; how does one ensure that you’re deciding on the right flooring? The alternative is straightforward, it’s always better to seek professional direction from a specialist before you re-model your flooring. We have many color options and designs that can enhance your garage to be a welcoming addition to your residence.

​Epoxy is a powerful multiple component adhesive composed of resin as well as a hardener. The layer is a lot stronger than standard garage flooring paint or non-resin area coatings and will prolong high traffic. Poly-urea and epoxy need the garage surface to be prepared with a commercial grade concrete floor grinding, before being employed. The very first thing will be to remove everything within the garage area and to fill in virtually any cracks in the concrete flooring, we use a commercialized size concrete grinder to open the pores of the concrete surface for maximum adhesion. Were now prepared to utilize the two epoxy levels for your garage floor. We will be able to use a long last coating following the initial total epoxy layer that was put on the flooring. This layer is an obvious sealer coating of poly urethane that provides protection for high-volume traffic.

​A garage is a fantastic venue for a unremarkable upgrade. It’s the ideal spot to park your automobiles, hang your bicycles, do home projects in. For many homeowners, the garage flooring is hardly something they actually believe that they could use much year round. Yet, with a little idea, you can’t only take care of the performance of the room, you can likewise execute one or 2 of those garage flooring tips to help it become a beautiful looking section of your house. Perhaps it is good to know you have choices? Your garage doesn’t need to be uninteresting any longer.

Hardwood Flooring

​Wood Floor covering's, has long since been used in numerous American homes. This type can be found in pre-finished variations which are made by the factory to be readily installable and also the incomplete version which must be sanded and also completed on-site after installation. It also has three main kinds: the plank floor covering which can be found in just 2 density and differs in width; with strip flooring, it is in the thickness that varies however the size can be under specific collections; parquet floor covering is not your normal strong hardwood as it is created with geometric designs made out of individual wood slats.

​Engineered wood Floor covering's, is composed of adhered layers of plastic laminate veneer integrated with real wood. Yet it must not be mistaken for laminate wood flooring as the later on can be considered just a fabricated alternative which does not consist of any sort of wood.

​When considering which type of wood flooring is most effectively for you, there are certain things to consider. With solid hardwoods, you have to exert more to maintain its elegance however when done correctly you could bring out the most worth for your home. No matter how old your solid wood floor covering comes to be, merely re-sanding and also refinishing it makes it appear as good as new. If you choose to opt for wood flooring, choosing from strip, plank or parquet floor covering simply depends upon your taste and inclination on whatever style you want to be implemented in all of your residence decor.

Cork Flooring

​When it comes to cork flooring or carpets, the option is easy. Cork supplies numerous benefits making it the far better alternative of both. Take the look at the numerous attributes of cork as well as just how it's ratings over carpets.

​The raw product used for making cork flooring's is the bark of the cork tree. Cork oak mostly increases in the Mediterranean countries, and also the tree has the ability to quit its bark every 9 or 10 years, after which a brand-new layer of bark increases. This special quality of the tree is safe and cork is absolutely a natural renewable resource.

This fantastic natural deposit has actually been enhancing house decor for over a hundred years in homes, schools, healthcare facilities, churches, galleries, libraries, or even hotels. In early days, these flooring's became fairly a sensation as a result of their resilience as well as beauty, but their appeal decreased as a result of the advent of other new materials.

​Among the main reasons why most property owners decide to lay carpets is to ensure that it offers them some type of padding to walk on. If you have actually tried walking a bare granite or marble flooring, you'll recognize just how difficult it is on your feet as well as your knees. You will certainly really want something that works as a buffer between your feet as well as the difficult walking surface area. With cork adhesive down floor tile floor covering, this won't be needed. This is as a result of cork's cellular framework. Cork is comprised of countless honeycomb shaped cells loaded firmly with each other. Each of these cells is filled with air. When you step on a cork surface, the air compresses and then expands as your foot leaves the area. This develops a type of pillow impact for you to walk on to ensure that there is less wear and tear on your joints. If you have a cork floor, there is no need to bring in any sort of layer of cushioning over it.

Laminate Flooring

​Laminate flooring is basically an artificial product created from the fusion of several layers of fiber board materials and also melamine resin. This is overlain by a photographic layer, which is exactly what is used to give laminate its resemblance to stone or wood. This is covered by a clear defensive veneer, providing laminate its extraordinary sturdiness and resistance to deterioration. Laminate has turned into one of the most popular material choices for homes in the USA.

​Laminate is extremely, scratch as well as wear immune. This means that it can be used in rooms or spaces that get a lot of foot traffic, even the relentless scraping from pet dogs claws, spike heels, moving furniture as well as running youngsters.

​A preferred false impression regarding laminate is that it wears effortlessly. This is just not the case. When properly mounted, a high-grade laminate flooring could last for several years, and also lots of laminate floors have a ten-year service warranty. That's why residents planning to get the greatest bang for their buck are significantly picking laminate floor covering's. Home owners also understand laminate floor covering is a wonderful option for busy family members, as well as could hold up to high traffic from children and also animals. Laminate's are treated with a low-sheen surface that safeguards the surface from weathering. Prior to installment, you must also have the choice of an added surface layer, for enhanced security on your investment.

Tile Flooring

​Prior to deciding on the tile, it is essential to have understanding on the arrays of ceramic tiles that come. One of the most well-liked ceramic floor tile is the glazed ceramic tile, which is constructed out of clay and also is baked with a non permeable glaze varnish. Mosaic ceramic tiles are also made out of clay and also are water immune; it has color saturated throughout the whole tile. Glass ceramic tiles are very hard-wearing, and are rising in popularity. Tiles that are made from organic stone such as granite, slate, and marble are durable as well as stunning. Nevertheless, it can be rather costly. All these tile types agree with as shower room decorations. Quarry ceramic tiles are frequently left UN-glazed and typically aren't impermeable to wetness. This kind of floor tile is less ideal for apartments since they are not bold to water.

​In selecting the bathroom ceramic tile styles, it is vital to keep note of the general style as well as room of the bathroom. Little bathrooms could not have the capability to support a big and vibrant floor tile design considering that it will certainly not have the possibility to recur and may aesthetically overpower the room. Whilst little tiles are aesthetically excellent looking in bathrooms, they are less hassle-free to clean.

​Constantly keep in mind that there will certainly be grout between every tile, creating gaps in which dust and also filth might remain. Hence, the more cement, the tougher it is for a ceramic tile surface area to be washed. Because of this, you must would like to pick a solid shade floor tile or a fragile little design on large tiles for the floor covering of a little restroom.

Vinyl Flooring

​Vinyl flooring is rapid coming to be without a doubt the most budget-friendly means to transform or brighten up an area and is just one of the easiest to match.There is now a lot of options and also price range's when it concerns deciding on the right vinyl for your area as well as many could offer the impact of ceramic or tile flooring at a portion of the price.

​If an easy to preserve flooring is what you are seeking after, vinyl is the ideal choice for you. It wards off dirt so it is very easy to keep clean, can be scuff resistant and also take heavy abuse without damaging it, a great benefit if you have kids.

​It can be found in 2 forms, either sheet or ceramic tiles for easy laying and also can take a short time to fit. There are two ways to install the vinyl, either by gluing the whole floor under surface area or by gluing just the sides. Both are dependable as well as can give long-lasting usage.

​​The main benefit as pointed out previously is the cost effectiveness and it's really simple to find something that will certainly match your room, whatever the color or design. You can, in some locations, produce your very own layout to suit your demands.

Linoleum Flooring

​​​linoleum does not deal with directly to the sub flooring meanings setup is really fast as well as you can walk on your brand-new floor covering instantly. Numerous amount's of the laminate flooring's on the marketplace simply click with each other, doing away with the demand for the adhesives of the past, making laying laminate flooring a quick installation and also by avoiding glue you can dismantle the floor covering.

​The key behind the ease of fitting laminate floor covering is the easy locking system that enables each piece to simply click right into each other. The seams appear unnoticeable with and undetectable and also the laminate pieces can be raised then re installed if you need to replace a scratched or broken board.

​As well as the aesthetic benefits, top quality linoleum floor covering's is renowned for its long lasting qualities. Boards are impact as well as put on resistant and high heals will certainly not cause indentations. Spills can be eliminated with a damp cloth as well as cigarettes, dropped for only a few secs will certainly not leave any sort of burn mark.

​linoleum floor covering can be utilized to include an all-natural and sophisticated finishes to residences, stores as well as office spaces. With such a wide selection of laminate flooring offered you can be assured to discover one that meets your preference and provides your area the magnificent finish you are searching for.