Concrete Steps


It is vital to fix your concrete stairs when possible, to prevent injuries. Seek for a seasoned professional, who's a master in concrete fix.

​It's probable that you've got concrete stairs someplace, likely in the backyard or maybe in the cellar, in the event you reside within an old house. Additionally it is potential these measures have found better days. Not simply do these seem somewhat unsightly, but they could also be quite dangerous, especially for kids and aged individuals. Concrete is a sturdy substance, but the components are a match for something, particularly when the measures are outside your home. The good thing is the fact that so long as the harm isn't too terrible, we ought to have the capacity to mend the problem while creating the repair stronger.

The procedure is straightforward, we have the ability to reconstruct and redesign in any color or shape you would like to achieve during the reconstruction faze of the steps. We have an assortment of different colors as well as different techniques to give your new project repair a new design using overlays or new concrete.

​The initial step in the act would be to wash the surfaces. Usually, a jack hammer and chisel are accustomed to knock out the damaged surface while caution needs to be taken to avoid breakage underlying the existing concrete structure. A pressure washer is useful in finishing the clean-up and removing any debris left over from the installation.

​The next procedure will be to frame the staircase to stay clean concrete from pouring on the sides. Using stakes and timber, you can create a box that encompasses the borders, that'll keep the brand new stuff fantastic and pleasant.

​After the timber is in position, now is the time to start combining the concrete blend and paint. The paint is a combination of cement and also water, providing it the consistency of paint to help us brush the very first layer onto the concrete surface. The mixture contains sand, cement and also water. We take precautions to never produce the mixture to be runny and to be to wet to loosen the integrity of the cement. We must be capable of forming the new structure of the lumber to prevent the concrete forms from moving or collapsing.

​There are many ways of resurfacing the new steps these days with so many new products on the market that allow us to advance with the installation as well as providing our customers with more options to choose from.

​Concrete re-surfacing also referred to as spray on provides a great way for householders to get a pure new surface in a far lower price in comparison with the price involved with re-building a fresh surface. Within the last few years, stamped concrete resurfacing has seen a substantial revolution. With concrete re-surfacing it is possible to bid farewell to all these drab seeming old surfaces and change them to new stunning ones.

​Most homeowners don't know about the different selections of concrete that can change the appearance of there houses. Whether it's your drive, wall, back yard, garden, or pool, concrete re-surfacing is perfect to transform the design of any of these surfaces. We can make your steps look like slate, brick, tile, while using different color choices.

​A broad array of color selections plus a numerous amount of decorative concrete designs offer you several hundreds of design to mix or pick from. Spray on paving is now the most favored strategy to offer your current concrete a brand new look without having to spend substantially.